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I'm trying to download IRM-protected Microsoft Office files, but one of the following occurs:

  • The downloaded files end in .json or .txt instead of the correct file type.
  • The files won't download at all - I see an message:
    An error occurred, and the file(s) could not be downloaded. Please try again later.


The exchange you're downloading from might not have a manager+ or key contact user. For technical reasons, at least one of these users must exist on the exchange or the file security won't function correctly.


If you are an invited exchange participant, you can check for manager+ users and key contacts on the Users & Groups screen. Simply click the All Users filter on the left and review the list for anyone with a manager+ role and / or the key contact icon key_contact.png in front of their name. 

You can also contact Intralinks Support for help. A Support agent can review the exchange and -if applicable- contact the exchange's host organization to discuss designating a user as a manager+ or key contact. 

If you are an exchange administrator with a role other than those noted above, please review your user list and designate someone as a manager+ or key contact.
Note: You can also designate publisher+ users as key contacts if you prefer not to have a visible manager+.

If the exchange does have a manager+ or key contact and the issue still occurs, please contact Intralinks Support for assistance. The behavior may have a different cause that requires investigation.

Click Submit a Ticket to open a request with our Support team. Or to speak directly with an agent, find our Support line in your region.

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