Selecting Workspaces for offline access | VIA Pro for the Desktop (Windows)

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Product: VIA Pro Desktop for Windows
Applies to: Owners, Editors and Viewers

If offline access to protected files is enabled, you can select the Workspaces you want offline access to. 

I want to

  • View IRM-protected Office files when my device is offline

About this task

  • You must select Workspaces for offline access while you have a network connection.
  • If you want to view the files on additional devices, you must repeat your selections on every device you want to use.


  1. Click the VIA icon VIA_taskbar_icon.png in the system tray (Windows) / status menu (macOS).
  2. Click Select Workspaces in the menu that appears. The Choose Workspaces to Sync screen opens.
  3. Click the Offline Access toggle for any Workspaces that you want to access while offline.
    • The toggle is only visible for Workspaces that contain protected files. Lease times for each Workspace are shown below the toggle.
    • The toggle won't be active unless you've already opened a protected Office file and authenticated with your Intralinks credentials.
  4. Click Save.


Time 2 minutes

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