Viewing IRM-protected Office files while offline | VIA Pro Desktop for Windows

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Product: VIA Pro Desktop for Windows
Applies to: Owners, Editors and Viewers

Depending upon the policies set by your Intralinks VIA Pro administrator, you may be able to access locally-synced IRM Information Rights Management (IRM) provides security for downloaded documents. When IRM is applied, documents are encrypted before downloading, and users must enter their email address and password to view the documents. Exchange managers can revoke access at any time.-protected Microsoft Office files even when you aren't connected to the Internet. (IRM-protected PDF files cannot be viewed while offline.)

Synced files are available on a “leased” basis for a limited amount of time specified by the policy. During the lease period, no authentication is required for protected files. This is useful if you want to continue working with protected files while traveling, while in a location where an active network or Internet connection is not available or where connecting to a mobile network would result in roaming charges.

Note: Offline viewing is not available for Workspaces that require two-step verification.


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