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Product: VDRPro
Applies to: Manager Plus, Hidden Manager Plus


What does each folder on my Intralinks compliance archive contain?


Compliance archives have the following information:

  • Audit: Raw, back-end XML data about the exchange.
  • Doc-Audit: Reports based on the folders and documents in the exchange, including document properties, permissions, access reports, document history, and custom field information (if applicable).
  • Documents: The documents and folder structure.
  • Exchange details: Information about the settings enabled for the exchange.
  • Q&A: If enabled for your exchange, contains Q&A reports and information.
  • Reports: Additional reports, where applicable, regarding your exchange.
  • Users&Groups: Reports based on the users and groups in the exchange, including properties, members, document access, history, and custom field information (if applicable).

Your archive may also include a copy of the document index and a file listing all folders that were empty at the time your archive was generated.

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