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Depending upon how an exchange is set up, you may be able to view PDF documents less than 500MB and Microsoft Excel and Word files less than 150MB using Secure Viewer, a browser-based document viewer that provides an extra level of security for sensitive information. Secure Viewer prevents the use of print screen, copy and paste, and the printing of documents. In some exchanges, downloading of documents may be blocked, and you may be required to use Secure Viewer for viewing documents.

Note: Secure Viewer is not available on all exchanges and may not be available to you. If you are an exchange manager and want to use Secure Viewer with your exchange, you can enable it using the Document Download & View settings. To learn more, see Secure Viewer.

As you use Secure Viewer, you will find many of the functions that are found in Adobe Reader and other PDF viewers, including search, zoom and navigation tools. Functions that cannot be used with protected PDFs, such as text touchup and commenting, are not available.

Depending upon how Secure Viewer was set up on your exchange, you may be allowed to use the viewer only for documents that have printing or downloading restrictions, or for all PDF, Excel and Word documents on the exchange. If Secure Viewer is not used for unprotected files, they are displayed in your Internet browser, Excel, Word, or Adobe Reader, Acrobat, or another PDF viewer, depending upon how your browser and software are set up.

Navigating through documents

Navigating through documents with Secure Viewer is the same as with the standard security viewer. For more information about navigating through files, see Viewing documents, Viewing and completing e-Investor onboarding documents, and Viewing video files.

Moving the mouse out of the document window

If your exchange has this feature enabled, when you move the mouse out of the document window, the document is obscured and a message is displayed. To continue viewing the document, move your mouse back to the document window and press Enter.


I am using my organization's SSO. Why am I being prompted for credentials when viewing IRM-protected documents?

You might have missing key registry entries in your Windows operating system. For more information, see Microsoft Office files prompt for user name and password.

Why can't I open IRM-protected Microsoft documents in the Intralinks Secure Viewer?

The Secure Viewer might not be enabled. The exchange manager must enable this feature. Contact your exchange manger. For information about figuring out who the key contact is for your exchange, refer to Key contacts.

Additional troubleshooting information

For more information about troubleshooting documents, see Downloading / Opening documents.

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