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Product: VDRPro
Applies to: All managers and publishers

Use the Document History Report to see an audit trail for a selected document. The report shows information about when the document was added to the exchange, changes to permissions, updates to the document or the document’s properties, and instances where the document was moved. If you are viewing a deleted document, the report includes information about the document’s deletion.

I want to

  • View an audit trail for a document


  1. From within the exchange, click Documents.
  2. Select the document whose access information you want to view.
  3. From the three dots menu, click Properties,
  4. Click History.
  5. (Optional). To filter the list:
    • To view a smaller range of information, enter a date in the Since field and click Filter.
    • To view a single type of action (such as changes to permissions), choose the action from the Activities list and click Filter.
    • To view more details about the document, click Alerts, Permissions, and Properties to display these views.
  6. (Optional.) To export the document’s history information in table format to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, click Export.
  7. When you have finished viewing the report, click Cancel.

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