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Product: VDRPro
Applies to: All Manager roles, Publisher Plus, Reviewer Plus

Allow Changes to Welcome Notifications

This setting determines whether welcome notifications can be customized when the exchange’s phase is changed from Hold to Preparation or Open, or from Preparation to Open. Enabling this setting also enables the Send Alerts step of the Add User wizard. Alerts are sent as email messages welcoming people to the exchange. Alerts often contain standard notes that you can customize. People will not receive the welcome message until the exchange is available to them. (For example, if the exchange is in the hold phase, reviewers cannot access it; they will receive the welcome message when the exchange phase is changed to open.)

  • If this setting is turned ON, welcome notifications can be customized when changing the exchange phase to Open. In addition, the Send Alerts step will be included in the Add User wizard.
  • If this setting is OFF, welcome notifications cannot be customized when changing the exchange phase or adding new users to the exchange.

Send Document Alerts Automatically

This setting determines whether email alerts are sent automatically when documents are added to your exchange. Automating the sending of document alerts speeds the document upload process. Users uploading documents can review the list of people who will receive the alert and make changes, if necessary.

  • If the setting is turned ON, alerts will automatically be sent to members of groups that have permission to view the documents being uploaded.
  • If the setting is turned OFF, managers will need to manually select the groups that will receive an alert when documents are uploaded.

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