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Product: VDRPro
Applies to: All Manager roles, Publisher Plus, Reviewer Plus

Exchange settings determine many of the features that are available on your exchange. Other features are determined by the template used to create the exchange and may be tailored to your particular market segment.

The exchange settings shown below are those that appear on the Exchange Settings screens; each one is described in detail in the articles they link to. (These and other exchange settings also appear on the templates that are used to create templates.)

Note: Depending upon the industry type associated with the templates used to create your exchanges, some of the settings below may not appear on the Exchange Settings screens for your exchange.  In addition, the terms "buyer" and "buyer group" may be referred to as "participant" and "participant group."

Document Management settings

Document Security settings

Document View & Download (prevention) settings

Notifications (Users & Access settings)

Access Control (Users & Access settings)

Metadata (Advanced settings)

User Interface (Advanced settings)

Modules (Advanced settings)

Workflow (Advanced settings)

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