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Product: VDRPro
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You can view video files of type MP4, OGG, and WEBM that are less than 2GB in size. Files larger than 2GB and other file types must be downloaded to be viewed. You cannot view video files if you are using Internet Explorer; use a different browser to view files within Intralinks VDRPro.

If you experience freezing or stoppage issues while previewing a video, ensure that your internet speed is running at a minimum bitrate of 10Mbps and that your browser is Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Microsoft Edge.

I want to

  • View video files in my browser
  • Download and view video files on my computer desktop


  1. Locate the file in the documents list and click on its title. Depending upon the type of video and your exchange’s settings, the video may open in your browser, or it may be downloaded automatically.
  2. If the file is downloaded but does not open, double-click the downloaded file to view it.
  3. If the video is open in your browser, use the following options for viewing the video:
    • Zoom out, Zoom in, and percentage – Makes the video larger or smaller.
    • Full screen – Makes the video use the entire screen.
    • Download – Downloads the video to your local machine.
    • Progress bar – Lets you pause, mute and scroll through the video.

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