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Product: VDRPro
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Exchange managers are responsible for deciding whether document approval is available in their exchanges. If you do not see the Request Approval command described below, document approval is not available in your exchange.

I want to

  • Request approval for a document


  1. Display the Documents list by clicking Documents.
  2. Highlight the document that you want to be approved.
  3. Select Request Approval from the Action menu.
  4. In the Request Approval panel, in the Request Type field, select the type of request you are making. Your selection is used to route the document to the correct approvers.
  5. (Optional.) Change the name of the request. If you make a change, be sure the new name makes it easy for the approvers to understand the nature of your request.
  6. (Optional.) Add comments to provide any information you think will be needed by the approvers.
  7. Click Send Request. The Documents list reappears, and the document now has a status of Pending Approval. All members of the group responsible for reviewing your document will receive an email to alert that the document needs to be reviewed.

You can monitor the Status column in the Documents list for updates. When the document is approved or rejected, you will by notified by email, as well.

You, members of the group responsible for approving the document, and exchange managers all can view your document request. Other people who have access to the document can see the document’s approval status, but they cannot see other details about your request.

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