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Product: VDRPro
Applies to: Manager Plus, Hidden Manager Plus, Manager, Publisher Plus

You can use Intralinks Designer to organize and manage the contents of your exchange. Intralinks Designer allows managers and publishers to upload and manage many documents and exchange members at the same time.

Note: You can use Intralinks Designer only if you have one of the following exchange roles: Manager Plus, Hidden Manager Plus, Manager, Publisher Plus. If you are assigned some other role, you cannot use Intralinks Designer.

Regardless of your role, your organization’s software deployment policies may prevent you from installing and using Intralinks Designer even if you have one of these roles. If Intralinks Designer is not available to you, you can use the Add Documents wizard to add multiple documents at the same time from your computer or network drive. 

This Windows-based application acts as a staging area. While viewing the content of the exchange through Intralinks Designer, you can update existing folders and documents and add new content from your local drives. You can use Intralinks Designer to reorganize and delete content. In addition, you can add, remove and synchronize participant information with other databases.

When you have finished staging the content and updating participant information, you can upload the new or modified information to your exchange.

Information about using Intralinks Designer can be found in the Intralinks Designer User Guide or the Intralinks Designer help system.

I want to

  • Organize and manage the contents of my exchanges


  1. From within the exchange, click Intralinks Designer in the lower right corner of the screen.

    The Intralinks Designer download utility opens in a new tab.

  2. Click Download Intralinks Designer.
  3. Click the installer file when it finishes downloading, and then follow the installation wizard to complete the installation.
  4. Launch Intralinks Designer from your computer’s list of installed programs.

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