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Product: Intralinks VDRPro
Applies to: All managers and publishers, and permissioned previewers and reviewers

Depending on your role and how your VDR was set up, you may not be able to perform this task.

Use care when deleting documents because this action cannot be undone. Deleting files and folders is permanent. Neither you or Intralinks will be able to restore deleted files and folders.

If you are a reviewer or previewer, you can delete documents only if you added them to the exchange. You cannot delete documents that were added by other people.

If the document being deleted is indexed, all items that appear below the document within this folder will be reindexed to reflect the change. When exchange items are frozen, documents cannot be deleted. To learn more about indexing, see Indexing folders and documents. To learn more about how frozen exchange items are handled, see Freezing and unfreezing exchange items.

I want to

  • Remove documents from my exchange


  1. Click the Documents tab at the top of the screen.
  2. Select the document(s) you want to delete.
  3. Click Delete. A message appears asking you to confirm your decision.

    Note that if you remove a document from the exchange by mistake, the action cannot be undone. If you have a local copy of the document on your computer or a network drive, you can use that copy to re-add the document to the exchange as though it were a new document.

  4. Click Delete.

If you are an exchange manager, you can view a list of deleted documents by clicking on the Deleted Documents quick filter. Click on a document name to view information about the document and its history. Right-click on a document and select Access Report to view a list of people that have accessed the document.

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