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Product: VDRPro
Applies to: All managers and publishers

Secure Viewer’s time tracking capability makes it possible for exchange managers to determine how much time each exchange member and group have spent viewing each document on their exchanges. This information appears on a number of reports.

For exchanges that are being used to sell assets, time tracking gives advisors and sellers greater insight into which potential buyers are most interested in the assets being sold. Buyers' viewing habits with individual documents may indicate particular areas of interest or concern. This information allows advisors and sellers to use their time efficiently and to focus their attention on the most promising buyers.

Time tracking is available automatically on exchanges for which the secure viewer is enabled. Time tracking is most effective in exchanges that do not allow people to view documents in applications other than Intralinks VDRPro.

Time is tracked for PDF, Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint formats. Other document types cannot be displayed in the secure viewer, and as a result viewing information is not available for them.

How time tracking works

When a person opens a document, a message appears asking the person to click on it. When they click on the message, the document is displayed and time tracking for the document begins.

Time continues to be tracked if network connectivity is temporarily lost. If connectivity is lost for an extended period of time, time tracking stops at the point at which network connectivity was lost and the connection to Intralinks VDRPro ended. Tracking also is halted if the person minimizes the viewer window, logs out of Intralinks VDRPro or allows his or her session to expire. Tracking for the document resumes when the document is reopened. If a person logs into Intralinks VDRPro multiple times using different computers and opens the same document twice at the same time, the amount of time each document instance is displayed is counted.

The time required to open and display documents is not tracked. Only the time that people actually view documents is included in viewing counts.

Time is tracked in hours, minutes and seconds. If a person experiences a system crash while viewing a document, the time tracked may be up to a minute less than the actual viewing time because of the frequency with which viewing time is recorded.

Viewing time tracking information

See the Intralinks VDRPro Guide to Creating Reports in M&A Exchanges for detailed information about generating reports. The following reports display information about document viewing time:

  • Access Reports for documents
  • Access Reports for users and groups

On the Document Access Report, the Time column provides information about exchange members’ viewing activities. On the Access Report for users and groups, the Total View Time column displays this information.

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