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Product: VDRPro
Applies to: Manager Plus, Hidden Manager Plus

When you no longer need an exchange, you can close it. When you close an exchange, you set the date on which you want the exchange to close. If you need an archive copy of your exchange, order the archive before closing the exchange. When the exchange is closed, all content is deleted.

I want to

  • Close my exchange


  1. Log into Intralinks VDRPro and click the Exchanges tab.
  2. Right click on the exchange you want to close and select Close Exchange. This option is not available if the exchange has already been closed.
  3. (Optional.) In the Was this deal completed? field, select Yes, No, or N/A.
  4. (Optional.) In the Final Transaction Value field, select the currency type, and range that the transaction value falls between.
  5. In the Close Exchange Options field, select when to close the exchange. Mark Today or click on the calendar to select another day.

    If an archive has been ordered for this exchange and is in progress, you will be asked to select a date in the future.

  6. Click Submit.

    You will be sent an email confirmation that Intralinks has received your request to close the exchange, and an email when the exchange has been closed.

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