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Product: VDRPro
Applies to: Manager Plus, Hidden Manager Plus, Manager, Publisher Plus

Custom fields provide a structured way to describe your documents, folders, exchanges, and groups in greater detail. Custom fields let you enter specific pieces of information (known as metadata) such as expiration dates and locations.

I want to

  • Add a custom field


  1. Click gear_icon.png Settings in the upper right corner of the screen, then click Custom Field Setup.
  2. Click Documents, Exchanges, Folders, or Groups.
  3. Click Edit.
  4. Drag the field you want from the list of field types on the left into the list of custom fields on the right. You can choose from the following field types:
    • single_line_text_icon.png Single Line Text — Select this field if you want people to type their answer. They will be able to make entries using alphabetic and numeric characters and symbols.
    • numeric_icon.png Numeric — Select this field type if you want entries to include only numbers.
    • date_icon.png Date — Select this field type if you want people to provide a date. People will be able to enter a date or select it from a pop-up calendar.
    • single_selection_icon.png Single Selection — Select this field type if you want to provide exchange members with a predefined list of options. People will be able to choose one option in the (They will not be able to add new options.)
  5. Click in the Add Label field and type a label.
  6. Configure all the options that are needed for this field.
    • (Optional.) Set the Required Field toggle on to require people to complete this field when entering a new document.
    • (Optional.) Set the Set Default Value toggle to on to select or enter a default value for the field; however, you must set default entries for required fields if they will be set to See or None for any exchange roles or individuals. Required fields are indicated by an asterisk (*) next to their names.
    • (Optional.) If enabled on your exchange, you can assign role-based permissions to each field for documents and folders by toggling the Permissions field to on. Review each exchange role displayed and change the permission as needed. The following permissions are available:
      • None – The field is not displayed for members with this role.
      • See – The field is displayed, but cannot be changed by members with this role.
      • Edit – The field is displayed and can be edited by members with this role.

      Child fields that do not have a permission because they inherit the parent’s permission. Child fields cannot have a greater level of permission than the parent field.

  7. (Optional.) To add a child field for single selection type fields for folders, documents, and exchanges, click Add Child Field and select the field type from the dropdown. Configure all of the options that are needed for this field and add additional child fields, if needed.

    Note that child fields cannot be parent custom fields, that is, you can only configure one level of child fields.

  8. When you are ready for exchange users to begin using this field, set its status to Published by marking the check box next to the field label, then click the Actions button and select Publish.
  9. When you have finished making changes, click Save. The new field appears in the custom fields list.

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