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Product: VDRPro
Applies to: All Manager roles, Publisher Plus 

Indexing assigns numbers to folders and their contents, providing additional structure and making it easy to trace documents and identify related documents when they appear in search lists and on reports.

Note: Depending upon how your exchange was set up, indexing may or may not be available.

If indexing is allowed on your exchange, you can index folders and their content. Your exchange can have a mix of indexed and unindexed folders. If a top-level folder is indexed, all the subfolders and documents within it are indexed. Likewise, if a top-level folder is unindexed, all the subfolders and documents within it are unindexed.

All the index numbers on your exchange use the same format. The first number indicates the top-level folder, and each subsequent decimal number indicates a subfolder. The final decimal number indicates the subfolder’s or document’s position within the folder. For, example, if a document has the index number, you would open top-level folder 2, then the first subfolder within it, and then the second subfolder within that folder, and finally document 16.

Index numbers in Intralinks VDRPro are consecutive. If you move, delete or insert an indexed item, other items will be reindexed automatically to ensure that there are no duplicate numbers or gaps in the numbering sequence.

Note: The use of indexing could reveal to individual exchange members that they do not have access to some documents and/or folders on the exchange. This is because index numbers are not updated based upon the permissions of individual exchange members. If members do not have permission to see a particular document or folder, they may notice a gap in the document or folder numbering. In addition, if a member is not permissioned to view any of the documents in a folder, then the entire folder is hidden.

If subfolders or documents are moved from an indexed folder to an unindexed folder, their index numbers are removed. If items are moved from an unindexed folder to an indexed folder, index numbers are added to the items.

To export/download a list of documents, including index numbers, see Exporting a list of folders and documents on the exchange.

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