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Product: VDRPro
Applies to: Manager Plus, Hidden Manager Plus, Manager

You can set up an agreement that will be displayed when members enter your exchange. You can set the agreement screen to display every time a person enters the exchange, only the first time the person enters the exchange, or never.

Use an agreement screen to welcome new members to the exchange and to reinforce your corporate brand. Agreement screens often include non-disclosure agreements or similar legal statements that are meant to discourage exchange members from improperly sharing information on the exchange.

You can enter the agreement screen text manually or use a Microsoft Word of PDF document as the source for the agreement screen.

If your exchange requires reviewers and previewers to make a public or private declaration, you can enter separate text for public and private exchange users. The images and URLs are the same for both public and private users.

I want to

  • Customize my exchange's agreement screen


  1. Open the exchange and click gear_icon.png Settings in the upper right corner of the screen, then click Exchange Settings.
  2. In the Advanced Settings category on the left, select User Interface. (If the Require Users to View Agreement setting is set to OFF, see Viewing and modifying exchange details and settings.
  3. Click Configure.
  4. In the Display Agreement field, select how often to display the agreement screen.

    If you select One Time, in addition to seeing the agreement screen the first time they log in, they will also see the agreement screen again if you make changes to it.

    If you select After Every Login, users will see the agreement screen every time the user logs in to VDRPro. They will not see the agreement screen when they log in to other Intralinks services.

  5. In the Button Options field, select the label text for the button.
  6. In the Agreement Source field, select whether you will enter the text or use a Microsoft Word or PDF document as the source.

    Type or paste text from another document – Enter the text and either upload an image or enter an image URL.

    Select a PDF or Microsoft Word document – Upload the document.

  7. Click Apply.

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