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Product: VDRPro
Applies to: Manager Plus, Hidden Manager Plus, Manager

Exchange phases determine which exchange members have access to the exchange. Phases are used to ensure that no one has access to the exchange until you’re ready for them to use it. Although exchanges typically begin their life cycle in the hold phase and end in the open phase, you can move the exchange among these phases as your business needs dictate.

There are three exchange phases:

Hold phase – This is the initial phase that is used while the exchange is being set up by exchange managers. Use this phase to add the exchange members who will take part in the preparation and open phases. You also can add folders and documents. Publishers and reviewers do not have access to the exchange while it is in the hold phase, so this phase also can be used to temporarily close the exchange to these members, if necessary.

Preparation phase – In this phase, publishers are given access to the exchange. During the preparation phase, publishers and managers add the folders and documents that will be viewed by reviewers in the open phase. Reviewers do not have access to the exchange during the preparation phase.

Open phase – All exchange members can use the exchange.

I want to

  • Change my exchange's phase to hold, preparation or open


Only individuals with the Manager Plus, Hidden Manager Plus and Manager roles can change an exchange’s phase.

  1. Open the exchange you want to set to a new phase, and click the Settings link in the upper right corner of the screen, then click Exchange Settings.
  2. In the Details view, use the Phase menu to select the exchange phase you want.
  3. When you change an exchange’s phase from the hold phase to the preparation or open phase, or from the preparation phase to the open phase, the Send Welcome Notifications panel slides out if the exchange allows you to make changes to welcome notifications. You can customize the welcome notifications, and select which users will receive them. You also can choose to not send notifications by clicking Apply & Do Not Send.

    If the exchange does not allow changes to welcome notifications, email alert messages are sent automatically to all exchange users who become active when the phase is changed. For example, when you move an exchange from the hold phase to the preparation phase, members with the exchange roles of Publisher Plus, Publisher, Reviewer Plus and Previewer are alerted. When you move the exchange from the preparation phase to the open phase, members with the Reviewer role are alerted.

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