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Product: VDRPro
Applies to: Users with the Manager Plus role

If you have a business group membership that is anything other than Member 30, you can create new exchanges using the steps in this procedure.

Note: If the exchange that you want to create is similar to an existing exchange, you can make a copy or “clone” of the existing exchange using Intralinks Designer, and then modify the copy as needed. For more information, consult the Intralinks Designer User Guide or the help system that accompanies Intralinks Designer.

I want to

  • Create an exchange


  1. On the upper right of your list of exchanges, click Create Exchange.
  2. In the Template list, select the template you want to use for the new exchange. Your Intralinks contract number, the name of your business group and a description of the template are displayed.
  3. In the Exchange Name field, enter a descriptive title for the new exchange.

    To ensure that the exchange name will be displayed correctly in other Intralinks applications, it is recommend that you do not use the following characters: ? * : / < > |

  4. (Optional.) In the Description field, enter a meaningful description of the exchange.
  5. Click Create.

After you have created an exchange, you must add people and documents to it before making it available. 

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