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Product: VDRPro
Applies to: Users with the Manager Plus and Manager Limited roles

Deal Prep exchanges allow you to quickly begin setting up an exchange because they do not require a paper signature or commercial commitment. Instead, Intralinks provides an agreement page with click-through terms and conditions. This agreement screen is presented every time a person logs on.

Intralinks creates the exchange in the preparation phase and provisions it with a manager limited role for the administrator. You can perform the following tasks in a Deal Prep exchange:

  • Create and manage users
  • Upload and manage documents
  • Configure buyers/participants and buyer/participant groups

Deal Prep exchanges do not allow you to:

  • Invite buyers/participants
  • Change the exchange phase
  • Change the agreement page

When your organization signs a contract (also known as an Enterprise Service Agreement, or ESA) with Intralinks, your Deal Prep exchange is converted into a full exchange. 

Members with the manager limited role are upgraded to the manager plus role and they are notified by an email alert.

You are then able to open the exchange to buyers.

Deal Team Exchanges (DTE)

A DTE exchange can also be used for deal preparation, however, it has limitations and is not recommended. Unlike a Deal Prep exchange that is a single exchange that can be converted to a full exchange, a DTE is an exchange that can only be used for deal preparation. A new exchange must be created when you are ready to go live. Some of the limitations of a DTE are:

  • Only managers and publishers can have access to a DTE and they can see each other.
  • Two contracts are required - one for the DTE and one for the live data room.
  • When you go live, you must copy your files from the DTE to your live data room. After copying the files, they must be reviewed to ensure that they were copied correctly in the intended folder structure.

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