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Product: VDRPro
Applies to: Users with the Manager Plus role

This topic describes the exchange life cycle for non-Deal Prep exchanges. 

Once your organization signs a contract (also known as an Enterprise Service Agreement, or ESA) with Intralinks, you or a colleague is contacted by an Intralinks Client Services representative to create a business group. The business group includes all the people within your organization who will be responsible for creating and managing the exchanges associated with your contract.

After the business group is established, your Intralinks representative creates a template for you, tailored to your industry segment. Once the template is in place, you can begin creating exchanges.

When you create an exchange, it is in the hold phase. During this time, you select the people—exchange members—who will have access to the exchange, and assign exchange roles to each of them. During the preparation phase, your team members add documents and folders to the Intralinks VDRPro exchange and prepare it for use by reviewers. When you are ready for reviewers to begin reading the documents on the exchange, you move it to the open phase.

When you are finished using your exchange, you can convert the exchange to a corporate exchange, or have an archive copy of the exchange created for you for future reference. Your Intralinks representative can help you convert your exchange. For more information, see Ordering archive copies of your exchange.

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