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Product: VDRPro
Applies to: Manager Plus, Hidden Manager Plus, Manager, Manager Limited, Reviewer Plus

User groups provide an easy way for managers and publishers to assign permission to view and work with documents to all users in a group, speeding the permissioning process and reducing the opportunity for errors. Most often, the members of a group all belong to a single organization. In the case of exchange groups and collaboration groups, it is possible to include people from different organizations in the same group. 

In Intralinks VDRPro, the following types of user groups may be available:

  • Exchange groups – Exchange groups are the most flexible type of user group for exchange management purposes. These groups are used solely to speed permissioning for documents. People can be added and removed from these groups at any time, can have any exchange role, and can belong to more than one organization. People can be included in any number of exchange groups. Groups are only a management tool. Members do not gain any rights or responsibilities simply by being a member of the group.

    Note: Users in an exchange group do not see each other. They only see themselves and those with a manager role, excluding hidden managers.

  • Collaboration groups – This type of group is available only if the Allow Collaboration Groups exchange setting is marked (on). Collaboration groups can include members with any kind of exchange role and all members of the group can see one another regardless of their exchange role.

    If Intralinks' Q&A function is being used on your exchange, you can use collaboration groups for subject matter experts to whom questions can be delegated. Do not use collaboration groups for users who will be assigned the Q&A coordinator role.

    Note If a person with the role of Hidden Manager Plus is added to a collaboration group, that person is visible to all the other members of the group.

  • Buyer/participant groups – This type of group is available only if the Allow Buyer/participant Groups and Allow Collaboration Groups exchange settings are marked (on). Buyer/participant groups can include only reviewers and previewers. All the members of each group are visible to one another. For this reason, do not mix users from different organizations in a single buyer group.

    If Intralinks VDRPro's Q&A function is being used on your exchange, buyer/participant group members can propose, comment on and submit questions to be answered. Each user can belong to only one buyer/participant group when Q&A is being used.

People can belong to multiple exchange groups and collaboration groups. 

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