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Product: VDRPro
Applies to: Manager Plus, Hidden Manager Plus, Manager, Manager Limited, Reviewer Plus

When you remove a user from an exchange, the action cannot be undone. To add them back into the exchange, you must add the user to the exchange as though the user were a new member of the exchange.

Note that when people leave their organizations, they should have been deregistered from Intralinks. When a person is deregistered, the person is removed from all Intralinks VDRPro exchanges and can no longer access Intralinks VDRPro or other Intralinks applications. In this case, it is not necessary to remove them from your exchange.

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  • Remove a user from an exchange


To remove a user from an exchange

  1. Click Users and Groups.
  2. Select the names of users you want to remove.

    You can remove a maximum of 200 users at a time. If you select more than 200 users, a message is displayed asking you to select fewer users.

  3. Click Remove. A message appears asking you to confirm your decision.
  4. Click Remove. If your exchange is configured to send alerts to removed users to let them know they have been removed an alert is sent, otherwise, the user is not notified.

    To send alerts to removed users, the Send Alerts to Users Who Are Removed from the Exchange setting must be enabled.

To view a list of users who have been removed from your exchange

  1. Click Users and Groups.
  2. Click Removed Users under All Users in the Users and Groups list on the left.

    A list of users who have been removed from the exchange is displayed, along with their role, contact, and organization information. You can add more columns of information to the list by clicking Manage Columns.

  3. To create a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet containing the currently displayed information, from the Action menu, select Export This View. You can print the spreadsheet using Excel.

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