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Product: VDRPro
Applies to: Manager Plus, Hidden Manager Plus, Manager, Manager Limited, Reviewer Plus

If you have been assigned a manager exchange role of any type (Manager Plus, Hidden Manager Plus, Manager or Manager Limited) or the Reviewer Plus role, you can add users to your exchange.

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  • Add users to an exchange

About this task

You can add multiple users at one time or add users one at a time. You can search for and add users that are already in the system, import users from another exchange, or add new users.

You can quickly add users by typing or pasting their email addresses, selecting an exchange role for them and assigning them to a group. If all members share the same role and/or group, you are finished. If some members have different roles or need to be in different groups, you can change them as part of the add user process.

You can also add users one at a time. You can search for and add users that are already in the system, import users from another exchange, or add new users.


Add users to an exchange using the following procedures:

Adding users to an exchange.

  1. Open the exchange you want to add users to, then select Users and Groups at the top of the screen.
  2. Click Add User(s).
  3. In the Add New Users panel, enter or paste the email addresses of the users you want to add to the exchange. You can add up to 200 users at one time. 

    To remove an address, click the x next to it.

  4. In the Role field, select an exchange role for the new exchange

    If the new exchange members will not share the same role, select the role that applies to the largest number of new members. You can change the role for individual members later.

  5. In the Group field, select a group for the new exchange

    If the new users need to be assigned to more than one group, select the group that applies to the largest number of new exchange members. You can change the group for individual members later.

  6. If you do not want to send a welcome email immediately, unmark the Send Welcome Email option.

    If you leave the Send Welcome Email option marked, depending upon the current phase selected for the exchange and the role selected for the new members, an email notification is sent to the users welcoming them to the exchange. In addition, if you are inviting users that are new to Intralinks, they will receive an email to activate their account. 

  7. If you are satisfied with your selections and no further changes are needed for individual members, click Add Users. The selected people are added to the exchange.
  8. If you need to change the role or group for individual users, or if you want to add a comment to the email notification that will be sent to welcome the new users to the exchange, click Customize and continue with the next procedure.

(Optional.) Editing user information and adding additional users to the exchange

  1. (Optional.) Add additional users to the exchange:

    To add users who already have access to Intralinks VDRPro, click in the Search Users field and enter the person’s email address. The names of users who match your entry are displayed. Click the name you want to add to the member list. You can add as many names to the list as you like.

    To add a new member to your exchange, click New User. Enter the person’s information and click Add. The person is added to the directory and the person’s name is added to the list of people to add to the exchange.

    To import users from another Intralinks VDRPro exchange, click Import Users. In the Add User(s) from Another Exchange screen, click the name of the exchange containing the users you want to add to display a list of users who belong to that exchange. Select the names you want to add and click Import.

  2. (Optional.) If you are adding users who do not already have Intralinks VDRPro accounts, their names and phone numbers are blank. To add this information, click the edit icon.png icon next to each name, then make your changes. If you leave these fields blank, the users are asked to provide this information when they log in for the first time.
  3. When you have finished making changes, click Next. The Assign Roles view of the Add User – Advanced Details wizard appears.

(Optional.) Reviewing the exchange role for each new user 

  1. Review the exchange role assigned to each user in the list, and make any changes and assign a role to each user that does not have a role assigned to them.

    To apply the same role to multiple users, select their names and select the role you want from the Apply To Selected Users list.

  2. Click Next. The Assign to Groups view of the Add User – Advanced Details wizard appears.

(Optional.) Reviewing the group assignment for each user

Group assignments are important because they determine which documents each user will be able to access, according to the level of security applied to each group. All reviewers must be included in a group to work in an exchange.

The users you are adding appear in the Select User(s) list. The groups that have been created for this exchange are in the Select Group(s) list.

  1. Select names in the Select User(s) list and drag them to the groups you want to assign them to, or click the Assign button next to the desired group(s). The New Users column is updated with the number of users added to each group. Clicking a group’s name or the number in its New Users column reveals a list of the group’s new and existing users.

    If the group you want has not yet been created, click + Groups. The Add Group wizard appears, allowing you to create a new group. See Adding a group to an exchange for instructions for using the Add Group wizard. Click Add to add the group. The Add User – Advanced Details wizard reappears, allowing you to continue adding people to groups.

  2. Click Next. The Send Alerts view of the Add User – Advanced Details wizard appears.

(Optional.) Sending welcome messages

You can send an optional email message welcoming users to the exchange. If a standard note has been provided for you, it is displayed in the Note box. Users will not receive the welcome message until the exchange is available to them. For example, if the exchange is in the hold phase, reviewers cannot access it. They will receive the welcome message when the exchange phase is changed to open.

  1. Review the list of users being added to the exchange. If you do not want a particular user to receive a welcome message, click the user's name to remove it from the send list. By default, you and all new members will receive the message.
  2. (Optional.) Make changes to the subject line of the alert or the note by editing the content in the Subject and Note fields.
  3. Click Next. The Review view of the Add User wizard appears.

Review and submit changes

  1. Review the list of users  you are adding, along with their exchange roles, alert settings and group assignments. If you need to make changes, click Back.
  2. When you are satisfied with your entries, click Add. The users are added to the exchange, and alert emails are sent to the users who can access the exchange at this time.

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