Security within Intralinks VDRPro

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Product: VDRPro
Applies to: Everyone

Organizations use Intralinks VDRPro exchanges to share highly sensitive or confidential information. Intralinks recognizes that the need for security is paramount, and a variety of measures have been put into place to ensure that only the people intended to view each document actually see it. 

For example, people see only the documents they are given permission to see, and exchange hosts can prevent people from printing, downloading or making images of the documents. Watermarking and other features can be used to discourage people from sharing the documents that they are allowed to print.

Exchange managers also have a complete view of when and how often documents have been read or downloaded and by whom. For exchanges being used to sell an asset, these safeguards ensure that both sellers and buyers are protected from the improper sharing of information.

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