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Use the following guidelines for streaming video:

  • Internet speed plays a critical role while streaming high quality A minimum 10 Mbps bitrate is recommended to ensure a consistent top quality streaming experience.
  • Browser: For the best results, use Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Microsoft Edge.

How video streaming works

Video streaming is the process of watching a video over a network without downloading the entire video file. The viewer screen buffers (downloads some metadata and the portion of video currently being watched) the video and provides the ability to seek and skip parts of the video that are not being watched. Streaming video provides a smoother watching experience, requires less network bandwidth and does not require disk storage.

A video may consume a significant amount of data depending on the video quality, for example, a 4K or FHD file. To get the most accurate calculation of data consumption, multiple factors must be taken into account, such as bitrate, compression ratio, network speed, latency, and so on. Video bitrate is the amount of video data transferred in a certain period. Without a high bitrate, high resolution and high frame rate video will not look as good as they should. The faster the data transfers, the more overall data gets through. Higher quality video contents requires more data, so a high bitrate is required to stream high quality videos.

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