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Product: VDRPro
Applies to: Users with the Manager Plus role


I need to view data on my Insights tab, but the screen only reads No data to displayNo activity to display.


  • No actual activity occurred during the selected time frame. Try another time frame and see if data populates.
  • If you’re a manager+ and were just added to the exchange, wait 30 minutes, refresh your screen, and check the Insights tab again. Brand new managers will experience a slight delay with Insights data immediately after they are added to the exchange. 

Next steps

If you've checked the points above but the behavior persists, please get in touch with us. An Intralinks Support agent will be happy to review your exchange to find out why the Insights data isn't appearing.

Click Submit a Ticket to open a request with our Support team. Or to speak directly with an agent, find our Support line in your region.

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