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Applies to: IT personnel and System admins responsible for ILIA in your organization

Important! Reference information is located in the ILIA Reference Guide. This guide includes sample XML files, a data dictionary, troubleshooting information, and instructions on updating configuration settings in the WSB.Config file.

Download location

Enter a destination directory to store data that you download from Intralinks. Use the Browse button to select the directory in which the data will be placed.

The ILIA Service requires that all paths used to specify file locations are on a local drive or specified using a UNC path if on a mapped drive. This includes paths in the input XML files and in the UI Configuration screens.

When using a UNC path to another computer, the source computer must allow the account running ILIA to have access to the files on that computer.

If a mapped drive is selected for the Input, Output, Archive and File Download path in the Configuration Manager, a warning message will be displayed and it will be converted to a UNC path.
An example of a UNC path: //acomputer123/folder/myfile

Faster downloads for video files

Video files of type MOV, MP4, WEBM, and OGG can be downloaded using a byte-range download mechanism that makes downloading the files faster. This mechanism can be turned off if any issues arise.

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