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Applies to: IT personnel and System admins responsible for ILIA in your organization

Important! Reference information is located in the ILIA Reference Guide. This guide includes sample XML files, a data dictionary, troubleshooting information, and instructions on updating configuration settings in the WSB.Config file.


Use the arrow keys to indicate the number of times the Integration Adapter should attempt to establish a connection to Intralinks if a connection cannot be made to the service. Also specify the number of minutes the system should wait between each attempt.


If you wish to be advised when new ILIA software updates are available, click the Check for new updates check-box and use the arrow keys to select how often ILIA should search for updates.

Input File Processing

Enter the maximum number of concurrent processes to use when processing input files. The default is 3 processes. The maximum number of processes is 10.

Concurrent Document Uploads and Downloads

These options are marked by default. To disable concurrent document upload or download, unmark the option. When disabled, documents will be uploaded or downloaded sequentially.

Enable Session Sharing

This option is marked by default. To disable session sharing, unmark the option. When enabled, workers will share the same session if input files are configured to run under the same user identity which improves performance. When disabled, multiple concurrent sessions will be created for multiple worker processes.

Utilize network bandwidth to optimize document upload and download

Mark this option to increase or decrease the number of parallel threads for uploading and downloading documents, which improves response time for these operations.

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