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Applies to: IT personnel and System admins responsible for ILIA in your organization

Configure user management options to identify the users who will be able to perform tasks using the Integration Adapter.

Note: If your organization uses a proxy server, complete proxy server configuration (above) before you complete user management.

You must authenticate each user using the person’s email address and password. Once a user is authenticated by the Intralinks service, a token will be created and saved on your server. As a result, no password will be needed in the XML input file. You can add users, authenticate them, remove them and update their password if it has been changed outside of the Integration Adapter.

Note: It is strongly recommended that you create a separate user account for ILIA, and not use an existing Intralinks account. If you are using multiple servers, you should use a different account on each one. If you wish to use the same user account, install ILIA in Cluster Mode.

Important! Reference information is located in the ILIA Reference Guide. This guide includes sample XML files, a data dictionary, troubleshooting information, and instructions on updating configuration settings in the WSB.Config file.

Icons_Approved.svg How to configure user management options

Add a user using client ID and secret

    1. Click User Management.
    2. Mark the Use Client ID/Secret for authentication option.
    3. Click Add.
    4. Enter the client ID and secret.
    5. Click Validate. If you have entered a user who is active in Intralinks, the user’s credentials are validated, and a token is created on your server that will give the user access to the Integration Adapter. Once validation occurs, the user’s email address will appear in the Users list.

      Note: If you are planning to upload documents, the ILIA user ID must be assigned a Publisher Plus role or a manager role in the target exchange.

Password expiration

Your password will reset automatically every 300 days. You don’t need to be involved in this process, but you should be aware that it will change. If you set up email notification, you will be alerted automatically when the system changes your password. If you need to know the new password, contact your IL Administrator or you can reset and retrieve the password manually from the Intralinks login screen.

If your password has expired, you will have to contact Intralinks to reset it.

Log on token

ILIA assigns a “log-on token” for each user so that ILIA can log into ILP without using a password. The logon tokens are created when assigning users in the User Management tab of the Configuration Manager. This token will expire after 30 days of inactivity, because of this ILIA will automatically reset the token after 15 days of inactivity to prevent the token from expiring.

The token can expire if ILIA was not run for an extended period or if the user password was changed using ILP. When this happens the token can be reset by updating the user in the User Management tab in the Configuration Manager UI.

Remove a user

  1. Highlight the user’s email address in the Users list.
  2. Click Remove. You will be asked to confirm the removal.
  3. Click Yes.

Update a user's password

Use this procedure if a user’s Intralinks password has been changed and needs to be updated in the Integration Adapter. Typically, users are asked to change their Intralinks passwords every 90 days. When you perform this procedure, the new password is copied to the Integration Adapter.

  1. Highlight the user’s email address in the Users list.
  2. Click Update. The Validate User box opens.
  3. Enter the new password and click Validate.


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