Configuring ILIA

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Applies to: IT personnel and System admins responsible for ILIA in your organization

You configure ILIA using the Configuration Manager. During the installation process, you can choose to have the Configuration Manager launch automatically when the installation is complete. This is recommended when you install the Intralinks Integration Adapter for the first time. If you need to change your settings at a later date, you can launch the Configuration Manager by selecting Start > Intralinks > Intralinks Integration Adapter > ILIA Configuration Manager.

The following articles describe the settings that are required on each screen of the Configuration Manager. Enter the required data on each screen in the Configuration Manager and then click Apply to save your entries. (Clicking OK will also register an entry but it will close the Configuration Manager.)

Important! Be sure to make an entry in every field in the Configuration Manager. If you do not, errors are likely to occur when users attempt to reconcile your system of record and Intralinks.

Important! Reference information is located in the ILIA Reference Guide. This guide includes sample XML files, a data dictionary, troubleshooting information, and instructions on updating configuration settings in the WSB.Config file.

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