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DocuAI is an AI-driven tool that provides document analytics. DocuAI is availabe for non-SSO customers.

Important! DocuAI is a tool that Intralinks' customers can use to explore Intralinks AI functionalities and provide feedback. DocuAI does not affect VDRPro exchanges, VIA Pro workspaces, or any documents stored in any other product. No customer data is stored by Intralinks. Documents are deleted after each session.

DocuAI can perform the following functions:

  • Answer a question (conversational AI) - This feature is available only in English. You can ask simple questions and get immediate answers that allow you to uncover essential information from an uploaded document.
  • Find document highlights - DocuAI classifies documents into one of 16 potential categories, allowing quick sorting and prioritization. It also extracts up to six pivotal keywords from each document, allowing you to understand the core themes without diving deep.
  • Generate a summary - Provides a concise overview, enable yo to understand a document's essence in seconds, and decide if you need to examine the document more deeply.
  • Surface sensitive information (PII) - Finds sensitive information in a document to help you maintain confidentiality and compliance. 
  • Translate to English - DocuAI supports multiple languages, ensuring the you are not hindered by linguistic barriers, and facilitates smoother international transactions and collaborations.

Icons_Approved.svg Guidelines

  • One PDF file at a time can be analyzed
  • The file can have a maximum of 15 pages

Icons_Approved.svg Providing feedback and getting technical support

Contact support at

To provide feedback, click Give Feedback within the application.

Icons_Approved.svg How to use DocuAI

DocuAI is available from the App Switcher in all products.

Note: No data is stored. When you end the session, the files are deleted.

Upload a document and view analytics

  1. From the App Switcher, select DocuAI.
  2. Click Select PDF Document.
  3. Navigate to the document and click Open. If the document is too large, a message is displayed. Click Upload another PDF.

    The left pane shows the document with sensitive information highlighted. The left pane shows document highlights, the document summary, and sensitive information.

  4. (Optional.) In the left pane, you can perform the following options.
    • Select thumbs up to indicate that the information looks good.
    • Select thumbs down to indicate the information needs improving.
    • Copy the information, which can then be pasted into another document.
    • Expand the Summary and Sensitive Information sections to show more.

Ask a question

  1. Upload a document as explained in the previous procedure.
  2. In the right pane, click Ask a Question.
  3. In the Ask your question field, enter a question and click the arrow button. The answer is displayed along with three more suggested questions that are based on the document contents.
  4. Continue to ask questions as needed.


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