Emailing attachments to InView for processing

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Product: InView
Applies to: Managers and Portal Administrators

When you receive emails with attachments from fund managers, you can forward these emails to a dedicated InView inbox for processing. The attachments will be processed as documents in InView using AI to categorize and publish the documents. 

To turn on this feature, contact Intralinks Support.

I want to

  • Send documents to InView for processing
  • Monitor the success of documents processed in emails


Sending documents to InView

Forward emails with documents attached to them to The email address used for forwarding the emails must be a user of the portal and must have access to only one portal. If the email address has access to more than one portal, the document cannot be processed.

Monitoring email document processing

You can view information about when and how long it took to process an email, view the status of the email, and view which files were successfully and unsuccessfully uploaded. From the Manage menu, select Email Document Audit. The following statuses are possible:

  • New - Emails are being processed.
  • NoFile - No files were attached.
  • BadFile - The file type is not supported.
  • SomeBadFiles - The set of attachments has one or more unsupported type.
  • Complete - Emails were processed successfully.

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