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Applies to: Fund managers (GPs)

Only potential investors that have Intralinks access can view a campaign landing page. Investors that have the link but do not have Intralinks access can ask for access. The manager can then decide whether to give access to the investor.

Icons_Approved.svg How to respond to approval requests

  1. From the Connect menu, select Pending Approvals.
  2. Select one or more requests.
  3. Click one of the following options:
    • Send Welcome Email - Use this option to approve the request and send a welcome email. The investor will then be able to set up an Intralinks account and view the landing page.
    • Reject Request - Use this option to reject the request. The investor will not get an email and will not be able to ask for access again. If you have rejected the investor by mistake, you can reselect the investor and send a welcome email.
    • Delete - Use this option to delete the request without responding. Investors will be able ask for access again.



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