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Applies to: Fund managers (GPs)

FundCentre FundRaising provides end-to-end fundraising coverage. You can prepare marketing materials for a new fund, which can be sent to potential investors. You can share documents, capture investor interest, obtain commitments, and onboard investors. If you are an InvestorVision customer, you can sync the data to InvestorVision. 

Icons_Approved.svg How to work with the grids

Some grids will have all of the following capabilities, others will have some of them.

Filter a grid

Click the down arrow next to a filter name, and select the items you want to filter by. To remove a filter, click the x in the filter.

Export a grid

  1. Click the Export button. The Export Data screen is displayed.
  2. To download the export, click the name of the export file. It is downloaded as a ZIP file.
  3. Double-click the CSV file within the ZIP file to open the file in Microsoft Excel.

Exported data can be downloaded at any time clicking Exported Items from the Manage menu, and clicking the name of the export to download it.

Change the grid spacing

To decrease the spacing between rows, move the Compact Rows toggle to the right. To expand the spacing, move the Compact Rows toggle to the left.



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