VDRPro - November/December 2023

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Product: VDRPro
Applies to: Everyone

Summary of enhancements and new functionality

Released December 2023

  • Filtering documents by file type - A new filter has been added to the Documents tab, allowing you to filter by file type. This filter is only available when filtering all exchange documents. It is not available when filtering a specific folder.

Released November 2023

Auto extraction of ZIP archives during uploads - You can now choose whether to automatically extract files from ZIP archives when you are uploading files. If a ZIP archive is detected in the upload structure, you will be asked whether you want to automatically unzip ZIP files. Your selection will be saved as a preference for your account and can be changed later.

Ability to remove index numbers from downloads - You can now set whether to including index numbers for bulk downloads. If you do not include index numbers, only file names and folders will be downloaded.

User preferences for uploads and downloads - You can now set your preferences for uploads and downloads. You can choose whether to automatically unzip ZIP files during an upload, and set whether bulk downloads should contain index numbers and names only.

Insights and reporting enhancements - The following enhancements were made to insights and reporting to improve productivity, increase transparency, and provide a better customer experience:

  • Data refresh time for widgets has been reduced from up to 24 hours to less than 15 minutes, providing access to more up to date information.
  • A new widget has been added to the Overview tab that displays the top 10 groups with the most logins over time.
  • New widgets have been added to the Documents tab that shown the current document count and current page count, helping you to better understand deal activity. Previously, this information was only available in the Document Count Report.



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