Managing InView valuations

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Product: InView
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Valuations show the details about the Limited Partner's position in the fund. The information is provided by the General Partner (GPs).

I want to

  • View valuations
  • Export valuations to a CSV file
  • Edit a valuation
  • Delete a valuation


Adding valuations 

  1. From the Transact menu, click Valuations.
  2. Click + Add Valuations.
  3. In the Date field, select the effective date of the valuation. 
  4. In the Fund field, select the fund to which this valuation applies.
  5. In the Investment field, select the investment to which this valuation applies.

    Note: If there is only one investment associated to the fund, the investment automatically populates.

  6. In the Currency field, select the currency that applies to this transaction.

    Note: This field is automatically populated based on the currency of the fund, however, you can change it if needed.

  7. If the currency is in a different currency than that of the investor, in the FX Rate field, enter the conversion rate. If a conversion rate is entered, the Net Amount in Investor Currency amount at the bottom of the screen is automatically converted. Click Override, to enter a different amount.
  8. Enter any additional information that is relevant. 
  9. Click Save.

Viewing, editing, and deleting valuations

To view all valuations and optionally edit or delete them

  1. From the Transact menu, click Valuations.
  2. Click on a valuation to view its details.
  3. (Optional.) To edit the valuation, make any changes and click Save.
  4. (Optional.) To delete a valuation, click the three dots menu and click Delete. Click Delete again to confirm.

Exporting transactions

You can export the list of valuations to a Microsoft Excel file in CSV format. The Excel file will include the valuations and columns as shown on the screen. You can filter the list and select the columns to include.

  1. From the Transact menu, click Valuations.
  2. (Optional.) Filter the list of valuations using the down arrows next to the column names.
  3. (Optional.) Select the columns you want include, by clicking the Manage Columns managecolumns.png icon. Select or deselect the columns to include. Drag and drop the columns to rearrange them.
  4. Click Export.



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