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Applies to: Advisors and sellers

When you are ready to begin marketing your asset to prospective buyers, use DealCentre to create marketing emails and a list of people who will receive them. Share marketing collateral and NDAs and track buyer responses. DealCentre makes it easy to see who's interested in the deal, and who is not.

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Icons_Approved.svg How to market your deal

Complete the following tasks.

Get started (one-time setup)

You only have to perform this step the first time you send a marketing email.

  1. In the Deal List, click the deal for which you want to send marketing emails.
  2. Click the DealMarketing tab.
  3. Click Get Started.
  4. In the First DealMarketing Phase field, enter a name for your organization's initial phase.
  5. Click Setup. The DealMarketing screen is displayed.

For each phase, there are two sections. The Share section contains a list of companies that have been sent outreach emails. The Drafts section contains a list of outreach emails that are in progress.

Create DealMarketing phases

You can create as many phases as you need. 

  1. On the DealMarketing screen, click Add Phase.
  2. Enter the phase name and click the checkmark icon.

Create emails to share documents

Documents can be shared as links or as attachments. If you share documents using a link, you can set a 6-digit passcode. You can share documents that have been uploaded to the Internal Documents tab.

  1. In the Deal List, click the deal for which you want to share documents.
  2. Click the DealMarketing tab.
  3. Click the phase for which you want to share documents.
  4. Click Create emails.
  5. In the Delivery field, select whether to share documents using links or attachments.
  6. (Optional.) If you are sharing using links, enter a 6-digit passcode.
  7. Click Select Documents.
  8. Select the documents you want to share and click Select Documents.
  9. Click Add Selected Documents.
  10. (Optional.) Select the following options.

    Download - Allows target groups to download documents from the buyer view.

    Watermark - Displays the watermark according to how the watermark was configured on the settings page for all PDF documents.

    Print - Allows target users to print shared documents.

  11. Click Next.
  12. (Optional.) If you have any saved email templates, in the Message Template field, select the template to use.
  13. In the From field, select who the email is from. 
  14. (Optional.) To add CC or BCC recipients, click Add CC. Enter the recipients email addresses or copy and paste them from another application.
  15. In the Subject Line, enter the subject of the email.
  16. Enter the body text. You can also use the following variables: Title, FirstName, LastName and Company.
  17. Click Next.
  18. Click one of the following options:
    • Paste Email Addresses - Add addresses separated by spaces, commas, or semicolons, and click Add Recipients.
    • Select Contacts - Select the contacts you want to add and click Add Selected Contacts.
  19. Review the email and settings, make any changes, and click Create Emails.
  20. In the Create Email Template dialogue box, click Create Template if you want to use this email in future emails, or click Do Not Create if you do not want to reuse this email.
  21. An email confirmation is sent when the outreach emails are generated. The email contains a Download button that brings you to a dialog box. Click Download Again to download the emails. Outreach emails are in EML format that are downloaded as a ZIP file. When you unzip the file, you can add the emails to your email program, review them, and send them.

Downloading outreach emails

You can download emails from the email notification or from the tracker. To download from the tracker, perform one of the following actions:

  • From the Tracker, click the three dots menu and select Download Emails. In the row of the outreach, click the Download Emails icon.
  • From the Tracker, click the Download Emails icon in the row of the company for which you want to download emails.

Track buyers

After you have sent an outreach email, the Tracker will display a list of the companies to which you sent emails, with the status. When a buyer responds to an outreach email, the status in the tracker is automatically updated with passed or pursued and the date on which the buyer responded.

  1. In the Deal List, click the deal for which you want to view tracking information.
  2. Click the DealMarketing tab.
  3. Click the Share section in the phase for which you want to view tracking information.
  4. (Optional.) Use search to find a particular company.
  5. (Optional.) Click Filters to filter the list by Created Date, Responded Date, and Status.
  6. (Optional.) Click Preview to view the buyers' view.
  7. (Optional.) To remove buyers' access to shared documents, select the company, and click Remove Access. Note that buyers will still be able to access and documents that they downloaded.
  8. (Optional.) To share documents with one or more companies, select the companies and click Share to begin creating an outreach email.

Icons_Warning.svg Troubleshooting

Why can't I open emails in Outlook?

The EML file type might not be associated with Microsoft Outlook. To fix this, right-click on an EML file, select “Open with,” and choose MS Outlook as the default program. Ensure that the Always use this app to open . eml files option is marked.

System limitations System limitations

Be aware of these limits when marketing your deals:

Previewing documents

The following files types can be previewed in DealCentre:

  • PDF
  • DOCX
  • XLSX
  • PPTX

Additional information

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