SS&C Intralinks email domain update

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What changed?

On 13 October 2023, Intralinks employees switched to as their default email domain. This change is in line with continued integration and optimization efforts within SS&C after its acquisition of Intralinks in 2018.

After the change, any emails customers receive from SS&C Intralinks employees are now sent from their new email address, and no longer from

Does this change affect any services SS&C Intralinks provides to its customers or their contractual relationship?

No, the Intralinks terms of service and contractual relationship with customers are not affected.

Email forwarding and recurring customer meetings

Will Intralinks customers still be able to email the previous Intralinks accounts?

While it is recommended that customers contact SS&C Intralinks employees via their new email addresses, any email sent to their former account will continue to be delivered to the respective employee’s email inbox.

Will the change affect recurring meetings with customers?

Yes, Intralinks employees should cancel existing recurring meeting invitations and replace them with a new one from their email address.

Intralinks products, 24/7 support and billing enquiries

Will customers given access to Intralinks products receive email notifications from a new email domain?

No, all SS&C Intralinks products remain unaffected. All email alerts (e.g., welcome invitation, account creation, new document alert, etc.) sent from the SS&C Intralinks product suite will continue to be sent from

Will contact details for the SS&C Intralinks 24/7 support team change?

No, customers can continue to contact our 24/7 support team through the usual channels. and will remain available.

Will contact details for SS&C Intralinks billing and invoice teams change?

Yes, customers seeking billing or invoice assistance should contact
Customers seeking remittance advice should contact

Technical information

Do customers need to update their email policies to ensure they receive emails from SS&C Intralinks?

While customer organizations may already recognize as a trusted domain, some customers have very strict IT policies. We would therefore recommend customers work with their IT team to ensure emails from * are permitted.

Need assistance?

Who should customers contact for any additional queries regarding this change?

Please contact the SS&C Intralinks 24/7 support team for any enquiries.

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