VDRPro for iOS and Android - August 2023

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Products: Intralinks VDRPro for iOS and Android
Applies to: Everybody

Release date

July 2023

Summary of enhancements and new functionality

August 12, 2023

Group Activity Ranking Chart enhancements

The following enhancements have been made to the Group Activity Ranking Chart to improve productivity and enhance visibility into what is happening on deal:

  • Activity percentages are now based on the number of VDR visits and unique documents accessed. Previously, document accesses and downloads were not unique.
  • Group activity now includes activity from all group members with Manager, Publisher, Reviewer, Reviewer Plus and Previewer roles.
  • Data now refreshes every hour. Previously, data refreshed every 24 hours.

August 1, 2023

Experts can now propose answers to questions

Experts can now propose answers to questions from the mobile app, saving time and increasing the efficiency of the due diligence process. This capability is available to all exchange users that are part of the collaboration group to which the question has been delegated.

Insights user interface changes

The Top Users and Top Documents options have been removed from the user group details view on the Group Activity Ranking chart. These options will be added in a future release as separate graphs and tables that will contain exchange level data, not group level data.

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