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Product: VDRPro
Applies to: Everyone

If you are brand new user to Intralinks and have received an email inviting you to Intralinks VDRPro, welcome!

Intralinks VDRPro is a secure file sharing virtual data room (VDR). The host organization, that is, the organization that invited you the the VDR, determines which files you can access and what, if any, other functions you can perform in the VDR. Note that the VDR is also referred to as an exchange.

Logging in

If you are a new user to Intralinks, that is, you have never used any Intralinks product, you will need to activate and set up your account. This is a one-time process that includes steps for accepting the end user license agreement (EULA), creating a password, and setting up multi-factor authentication to ensure your account is secure.

If you have used another Intralinks product in the past, you will use the same password you use for other products. 

Refer to Activating your Intralinks account and logging in for the first time for step-by-step instructions.

What's my role

The role assigned to you determines what you can do in the VDR. To determine what your role is, perform the following steps:

  1. Click Users & Groups.
  2. Click All Users.
  3. Search for or scroll to your name. The Role column shows the role assigned to you.

For more information about roles and what each role can do in the VDR, see Exchange roles.

Next steps

When you have logged in, you will see the VDR that you have been invited to. Because you are a new user to Intralinks, the VDR that you were invited to will be the only VDR listed. Click on it to open the VDR. If you access the VDR by clicking View Now in the Welcome email, the Documents list for the VDR is displayed. 

Note: The name of the VDR (exchange) to which you have been invited is in the Welcome email.

Most users are invited to VDRs to view documents and are referred to as reviewers. Refer to the following articles for more information:

If you have been invited to the VDR as a manager or publisher, refer to the following articles for more information: 

If you are a manager or publisher who is responsible for setting up an exchange and would like a walkthrough of exchange setup and management, use the Chat button (bottom right) to contact our 24/7 support team. They will be happy to assist you.

Figuring out who to contact if you have a problem

If you do not see any documents or do not have access to functionality that you expected, contact the exchange manager at the host organization. For information about finding out who the exchange managers are, see Getting help from an exchange manager.

If the exchange does not appear in the list of exchanges that you have access to, ensure that the Welcome email was sent to you by the host organization, not a colleague. If the Welcome email was forwarded to you from a colleague, you can ask that colleague to recommend to the exchange manager that you be added to the exchange. For information about recommending a user, your colleague can see Recommending other users be added to your exchange.

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