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Product: VDRPro
Applies to: All Manager roles, Publisher Plus 

VDRs can be configured to use document-level permissioning or folder-level permissioning. Document-level permissioning means that each document must be individually permissioned to user groups so that members in the group can view the document. Folder-level permissioning means that when you add a document, it inherits the permissions that have been applied to the folder where you add the document. In this case, you permission the folder to the appropriate user groups, and any documents added do not need to be individually permissioned.

The type of permissioning is determined by the Apply Permissions at the Folder level exchange setting. It must be configured by an Intralinks employee. For more information about this setting, see Document Management settings.

If you are not using folder-level permissioning and want to turn it on, it is recommended that you perform the following steps:

  1. Contact Intralinks support to request that the setting be turned on.
  2. Create a record of the current permissions for all user groups and documents by generating an Applied Permissions report. For more information, see Reviewing current and staged permissions.
  3. Change all of the permissions to No Access. For more information, see Assigning document access using the Permissions tab.
  4. Change the phase to Hold so that Intralinks can change the setting. For more information, see Changing an exchange’s phase.
  5. When the setting has been turned on, permission folders to user groups. Note that members will not be able to view documents in a folder if they are not in a user group that is permissioned to view the folder.

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