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Applies to: Advisors

Intralinks DealCentre™ is a single platform for end-to-end completion of deals, that enables you to focus on the full deal making process. 

The Deals tab is a list of the deals that you have either created or have been added to. There are separate tabs for active deals, inactive deals and VDRs to which you have been invited. The list includes the deal stage, and information about the deal. Deal stages are configured by you or someone in your organization. 

Icons_Approved.svg How to create and configure deals

Create deal stages

You can create deal stages that describe where the deal is in the deal process.

  1. Click the Settings tab. 
  2. In the Enter a new stage field enter a description of the stage and click the checkmark icon. The stage is created and added to the bottom of the list.
  3. (Optional.) To move the stage click the icon in front of the stage and drag and drop the stage to its new location.
  4. (Optional.) To delete a stage click the trashcan icon to the right of the stage.

Create a deal

  1. On the Deal List, click Create Deal.
  2. In the Deal Name field, enter a name for the project.
  3. (Optional.) In the Summary field, enter a description of the deal. The summary is displayed in the deal list.
  4. (Optional.) In the Deal Team Members field, select the users you want to have access to the deal. You are automatically added to the deal.
  5. (Optional.) In the Stage field, select the deal stage.
  6. (Optional.) In the Deal Profile section, enter information about the deal. This information appears on the Settings screen and will used to provide better experiences on future deals. Counterparties will not be able to see this information.
  7. Click Create Deal.

Add access agreement

An access agreement is displayed when a user logs into a deal. You can configure whether the agreement is displayed one or at every login.

  1. From the Deal List, select the deal to which you want to add an access agreement.
  2. Click the Settings tab.
  3. Click Access Agreement.
  4. Click Edit Access Agreement.
  5. In the Frequency Details field, select how often to display the agreement.
  6. In the Agreement Text field, enter the agreement text.
  7. Click Save.

View and update a deal's details

You can view details about a deal from the deal list or from the deal's overview page.

Viewing and updating details from the Deal List

  1. In the Deal List, click in the row of the deal outside of the deal name for which you want to view details. Information about the deal is displayed in the right pane.
  2. (Optional.) To view the deal overview page, click View next to the deal name in the right panel.
  3. (Optional.) If you have not completed all of the deal profile details, you can add details by clicking Add Deal Profile or Add More Profile Details.
  4. (Optional.) To change the deal's stage, select the stage from the Stage field.
  5. (Optional.) To view documents associated with the deal, click View next to Internal Documents,  Preparation Area or Diligence.
  6. (Optional.) To open the VDR associated with the deal, click click the VDR name.
  7. (Optional.) To view information about team members, hover of the member's name in the Team area.
  8. (Optional.) To add a primary contact, click Add Primary Contact. If a primary contact is listed, click the Copy Email button to copy the primary contact's email address to the clipboard, or click Email to open your email application.

View and update details from the deal's Overview page

  1. In the Deal List, click the deal for which you want to view or update details.
  2. (Optional.) To edit the deal name, click the Edit icon next to the name, make changes, and click the checkmark icon. Enter the name and click the check mark icon.
  3. (Optional.) To change the deal's stage, in the Stage field, select the stage.
  4. (Optional.) If any VDRs are linked to the deal, they are shown in the Manage Your Deal section. Click the arrow icon next to the VDR name to open the VDR.
  5. (Optional.) To change the VDR to which the deal is linked follow the instructions in the following sections.
  6. (Optional.) To add a note, in the New Note field, enter the name and click Save Note.
  7. (Optional.) To edit the summary, click the Edit icon next to the summary, make your changes, and click the checkmark icon.
  8. (Optional.) To edit the members of the deal team, click the Edit icon in the Deal Team section. Add or remove deal team members and click the Check mark icon. Only users that have been added to the Internal Users section can be added to a deal team. For more information, see Inviting internal users to use your DealCentre contract

Add deal metadata

You can add metadata to a deal, such as the deal's state, type, value, industry, location, and so on, that  gives you insight into the deal. This information will be shown on the deal list.

  1. In the Deal List, click the deal for which you want to add a VDR.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Click Deal Details.
  4. Click Edit Details.
  5. Enter the details that are of interest to you.
  6. Click Save Changes.

Link and unlink a deal to an existing VDR

  1. In the Deal List, click the deal for which you want to change links.
  2. Click Manage External Links. A list of the VDRs that the deal is linked to is displayed.
  3. To link another VDR, in the Link VDR field, select the VDR to which you want to link the deal. Note that only the VDRs that you have access to will be listed.
  4. (Optional.) To unlink a deal from a VDR, click Unlink in the Action column of the VDR for which you want to remove a link.
  5. Click Close when you are done.

Exporting the list of deals

Exporting the list of deals to an Excel Spreadsheet allows you to create a report that you can share. You can export active or inactive deals. All of the rows are exported. The columns that are included are those that are shown in the grid. Use the Column manager to select the columns to display and change their order.

  1. Click either the Active Deals or Inactive Deals tab.
  2. Adjust the columns are necessary.
  3. Click the three dots menu and select Export Deal List.

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