VDRPro - April - May 2023

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Product: VDRPro
Applies to: Everyone

Release Date

April 2023

Summary of enhancements and new functionality

AI redaction enhancements

The following enhancements have been made to AI redaction file viewer:

  • The format, spacing, and icons have been improved on the Show/Hide Markup Details panel. In addition, you can now sort by modified date, author, and color.
  • You can now perform bulk actions on selected markup items.
  • You can style the items in the Show/Hide Markup Details panel by color. Note the styling only appears in the items in the panel, not in the actual markings in the document.
  • You can filter the options in the Show/Hide Markup Details panel by user, color, or type.
  • Undo and redo buttons have been added for items marked within the document.
  • User interface improvements were made to the page settings panel. Labels were added as well as the ability to enter full screen.

Improved messaging when processing a large volume of documents

A message is now displayed when the system is processing a large volume of documents that may take longer than usual.

Q&A configuration enhancements

Q&A configuration has been enhanced to make configuring Q&A easier and more intuitive. The following changes have been made:

  • A new column has been added for designating users as Q&A coordinators, making designating Q&A coordinators faster and easier.
  • A new column has been added for selecting the users that can submit questions, making selecting question submitters faster and easier.
  • Buttons have been moved to the top of the screen to improve the scrolling experience when the browser zoom is set to 100%. This change applies to the Coordinators, Categories, Submitters, and Question Limit screens.

Secure viewer configuration

Users with a Manager Plus or Hidden Manager Plus role can now enable and configure the secure viewer for viewing IRM-protected documents in a browser window. They can configure which documents types can be downloaded and whether the blur feature is enabled to prevent print screen.

Ability to choose whether to include index numbers when bulk downloading files and folders

You can now choose whether to include index numbers in downloaded files and folders. This option is available when the path to some files and folders exceeds the Windows limit of 256 characters.

Resolved issues

Document comments are no longer show in the Redaction tab. When a document is redacted, comments are removed. If it is reverted to the original, comments are added back to the document.

Random markups are no longer occurring on files converted from PowerPoint.

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