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Applies to: Customer administrators

Note: The Admin Dashboard has been rebranded to SecurityHub. This name change will not impact the existing functionality of the product.

Identity+ enables your organization to stay secure and compliant when using shared/team/group accounts on Intralinks. User administrators can create the identity groups that identify which users can log in using a particular shared account.

I want to

  • Configure identity groups for use with shared accounts
  • Add users to an identity group
  • Remove users from an identity group
  • Add or remove user administrators


Configuring identity groups

  1. Log in to the Admin Dashboard either from the App Switcher or by pointing your browser to iam.
  2. Click on your organization.
  3. Click Identity Groups.
  4. Click Add.
  5. In the Identity Group Name field, enter a descriptive name for the identity group.
  6. In the Identity Group Email Address field, enter the email address of the group account. The group’s users will be able to switch to the shared account that uses this email. The email address is required even if you use a group identifier.

    Note: The email address cannot be changed after the configuration has been saved. To change the email address, delete the entire group and add it again.

  7. (Optional.) If your organization uses SSO and does not support sending email or special characters in SAML assertions, in the Customer Group Identifier field, enter a group identifier for the group. The group identifier can contain only alphanumeric characters, dashes (-), and underscores (_). Group identifiers cannot be used for more than one group.
  8. Click Add.

Adding users to groups

You can add users to identity groups manually or you can work with your IT organization to add them automatically.

You need to work with Intralinks and your IT department to configure users in your IDP (Identity Provider) with SAML assertions that match the email addresses of the shared accounts they need to access. You have the option to use either the group email address or the customer group identifier in your SAML assertions.

Use the following procedure to manually add users.

  1. On the Identity Groups tab, select the group to which you want to add users.
  2. Click Add Group Users.
  3. In the Add users by Email Address field, enter or paste the email addresses of the users that you want to add to this group. Separate email addresses by a comma. You can add up to 100 email addresses.
  4. Click Add Users.

Removing a user from a group

  1. On the Identity Groups tab, select the group from which you want to remove a user.
  2. Click Edit.
  3. Select the user that you want to remove and click Remove Users.
  4. Click Delete Users.
  5. Click Save Changes.

Adding and removing user administrators

  1. Click the Admins tab.
  2. To add an admin user, click Invite Admin, enter the person’s email address, and click Invite.
  3. To remove an admin user, select the user and click Delete. If the user that you have removed is logged in using the group email address, the user’s session will continue until the user exits the application.

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