InvestorVision - March 2023

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Product: Intralinks InvestorVision
Applies to: everyone

Release date

March 2023

Summary of enhancements and new functionality

Additional language support - Limited Partner (LP) portal

To address the growing international user base, French language support has been improved, and Japanese language support has been added.

Ability to change the language

The ability to change the language for labels in the user interface has been added.

Fund performance support

Fund managers (General Partners or GPs) will be able to expose a dedicated fund performance metric tab to investors on the LP portal. This feature must be configured by an Intralinks administrator.

Drop-down values for asset classes

Additional dropdown values have been added across the platform to accommodate additional asset class specific values.

Enhanced user experience for users with multi-portal/multi-role access

The user experience for users with multi-portal/multi-role access, such as a fund of funds users that is a GP in one portal and and LP across multiple other portals, has been improved. 

Improved performance for users with more than 300 permissions

The user experience and performance has been improved for users that have more than 300 permissions, for example, fund administrators and wealth advisors.

GDPR compliance

InvestorVision now has fully hosted services on European data centers to meet GDPR compliance requirements.

Identity switcher

You can now map multiple user accounts to the same Intralinks user profile.


Watermarking can now be added to documents. If configured, the watermark is displayed diagonally across the page. The watermark includes the word "Confidential," the name of the user, and the date and time. This feature must be configured by an Intralinks administrator.









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