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Intralinks DealCentre™ is a single platform for end-to-end completion of deals. It provides for seamless transitions from idea generation, to pitch, to marketing, to diligence, to closing, all without leaving the platform. In addition, DealCentre provides a way of viewing deals at any stage, not only those deals undergoing diligence.

DealCentre provides many benefits:

  • Brings together all of the disjointed systems currently being used, making the deal process easier and more efficient.
  • Provides an overview of all past, current and future deals, increasing transparency and flexibility throughout all phases of a deal.
  • Saves time by allowing users to reuse deal components from past deals in future transactions.
  • Allows users to create a deal prep room from the platform without contacting Intralinks, making it faster to kick off a deal.

DealCentre roles

DealCentre has the following roles that determine what features you have access to:

  • Advisor - The advisor is established by an Intralinks Admin when the DealCentre account is created. The advisor has access to all features in the product except buyer-specific features and to all deals created by the advisor organization.
  • Seller - The seller is added to a deal by the advisor. Sellers have access to the preparation and diligence areas and the people tab for the deal to which they have been invited.
  • Buyer - Buyers are invited to a deal by either the advisor or seller. Buyers have access to documents that they have been permissioned to view and the buyer checklist.

Getting help with DealCentre

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