VDRPro - March 2023

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Product: VDRPro
Applies to: Everyone

Release date

March 2023

Summary of enhancements and new functionality

Q&A enhancements

The following Q&A enhancements have been made to improve performance and usability:

  • The look and feel of the filter tabs has been updated to align with other areas of the product.
  • The functionalities under the button drop-downs have been restyled and rearranged to improve the ability to find reports and other action items.
  • The Dashboard and All Questions tab will always be visible. Previously, they were not displayed when the user navigated to a separate tab.
  • The closed questions filter now displays a counter.

Ability to control blur in the High Security Viewer

Whether the High Security Viewer screen will blur when the mouse is moved off the screen can now be configured. This feature can be enabled or disabled by an Intralinks Administrator. Contact Intralinks support to change this setting.

Improved messaging when uploading files and folders

Messaging has been improved when uploading files that exceed the file size limit or when uploading folders that exceed the limit for number of folders that can be uploaded.

File size limit increased to 25GB for bulk upload

The maximum supported file size for bulk upload has been increased from 15GB to 25GB for all mount points. Note that individual documents must be 15GB or less.

Performance improvements in the user interface

Loading times for users and groups has been improved.

Resolved issues

The due date for Q&A is now always editable. Previously due dates were not editable when a Q&A Coordinator submitted a question on behalf of a buyer/participant.

The due date for Q&A is now editable when a Q&A Coordinator submits a question on behalf of a buyer/participant group for exchanges without automatic delegation and no turnaround time. Previously, in this case, the due date was not editable.

High priority questions can now be submitted.

Q&A search now works correctly when numbers are used in the search criteria. Japanese names can now be used when search Q&A delegated questions.

Re-delegated questions now show the name of the user to whom the question was delegated.

When a collaboration group is removed from Q&A, only the delegated questions associated with that group are retracted.

The Access report and History tab for a user, now show the user’s correct role when the user’s role was changed from reviewer to previewer and exchanges with Q&A enabled.

An error message is no longer displayed when a user submits a follow up question.

The loading screen now works properly when submitting questions in bulk.

Group level watermarks now work as expected when bulk downloading files in a DCN.

When bulk downloading a folder from a ZIP archive, Excel files now have the correct extension.

Bulk downloading documents when the High Security Viewer is enabled, now works as expected.

The subject line for new document alerts no longer has extra spaces.

The subject line for new document alerts in Japanese now displays correctly. The User Activity by Group report now works as expected.

An error no longer displays when entering a document note.

The message displayed when a file upload succeeds is now displayed correctly.

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