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Notes can include summaries of meetings, phone calls, research results, and so on, that can be used as historic records for audits, compliance or decision making. A note can be attached to one or more entities or documents. For example, a meeting summary note for a fund investment might be linked to the fund, investment, asset manager/company and the contacts that were present at the time of the meeting.

Important: A note must include at least one link to an entity. If it does not contain at least one link, you will not be able to save the note.

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  • Add notes to documents or entities


Adding notes

Notes can be added from the Notes grid and from the Notes tab on an entity or document.

  1. From the Connect menu, click Notes or from the Invest menu, select the entity, then click the Notes tab.
  2. Click Add Notes.
  3. In the Topic field, enter a description of the note.
  4. In the Body field, enter the text of the note.
  5. To make the note private, move the This note is private toggle to the right.
  6. In the Note Category field, select the type of note.
  7. To add a link to an entity, click Add Link.
    • In the Entity field, select the entity type to which to link this note.
    • In the Select field, select the entity to which to link this note. The note will be displayed on the Notes tab for the specific entity. To link to a document, you must add the note from the document. When you add the note from the document, the document is automatically linked to the note.
    • Click Link.
  8. To bookmark a note so that it will be displayed in your favorites grid:
    • From the list of notes, click the note you want to bookmark.
    • Click the Bookmarked button. This button toggles the bookmark on and off.

Displaying bookmarked notes

  1. From the Connect menu, click Notes.
  2. Click the down arrow to the right of the Bookmark column.
  3. Mark the True option. Only bookmarked notes are displayed.

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