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Product: VDRPro
Applies to: All managers

Focus on your transaction. We can help at any stage.

Today, high-value transactions are complex and move fast. Teams need to be strategic about where to allocate time and resources.

Intralinks Deal Services can take on your repetitive, labor-intensive tasks — so you can stay focused on swiftly and successfully executing your M&A deal, capital markets transaction, fundraising or other strategic project.

Leave the tedious work to our expert team. We'll take care of:

  • Redacting documents
  • Translations in 140+ languages with linguistic certification
  • Coordinating documents, NDAs, Q&A
  • Advanced reporting, and more


Increase efficiency, reduce costs and mitigate risk with Intralinks Deal Services.

Redaction Services

Leave the intensive document reviews and repetitive PII redactions to us.

We can manage this crucial process, saving time and resources and ensuring your confidential data stays that way. Our team of experts can:

  • Activate AI technology Accurately pinpoint over 80 PII elements across all specified documents
  • Organize and queue documents in VDRPro Secure, speedy review and approval
  • Redact in multiple languages English, Italian, Spanish, German and many more
  • Ensure version control Maintain, un-redact and/or revert to original versions

Transaction Support

We’ll help with the tedious tasks so you can focus on what’s really needed.

Our team works in lockstep with yours, keeping you organized and trouble-free at every phase of your deal or transaction:

  • Documents We’ll collect, organize, index and rename, QA documents and more
  • VDRs We can set up folders, permission users, populate data room, confirm completeness
  • NDAs We’ll draft and distribute deal documents, coordinate changes, obtain signatures
  • Q&A Our team can create, define and set up protocols; field, delegate and de-duplicate questions, source information and draft answers

Advanced Reporting

Get tailored, deeper insight into deal progress.

Tell us what intel is most important and we'll deliver the reports straight to your inbox. Benefit from:

  • Insights Gain valuable activity data and ensure compliance
  • Flexibility Get formatted reports or raw data to analyze in your BI system
  • Time savings Automated reports keep your deal teams informed and on track
  • Risk reduction Use data to find anomalies, track trends and mitigate risks early

Translation Services

Achieve accurate translations in over 140 languages and cost savings of 30-40%.

Rely on Intralinks for accurate translations in 140+ languages and cost savings of 30-40%. Linguistic, certified copy included. We offer:

  • Machine language translation (MLT) Using AI technology
  • Linguistic translation with post-edit machine translation (PEMT) Professional translators ensure the highest quality
  • Linguistic translation with edit and proofread (TEP) Ideal for legal certification

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